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Hi zusammen!

Die Förderrunden für das Jahr 2022 sind leider schon vorbei. Wir informieren euch ab März 2023, wann es wieder losgeht und wieviel Geld zur Verfügung steht :)

Unsere Förderung ermöglichen wir durch unseren Bierverkauf, denn jedes Bier spendet. Auf dieser Seite erfährst du alles rund um unsere Förderung in Leipzig.

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How we fund

You are part of a social or cultural project and you need financial support?

Right now people are drinking lots of beer for a good cause! You can contact us for funding throughout the whole year via mail and get told, when the next funding cycle and deadline is on. If that fits with the schedule of your project you can easily apply and hopefully get funded! 

For the application we need the filled application form of the city you want to apply for funds (see below, application forms vary from city to city), a detailed project description (one A4 page), a picture of your project and your logo. 

After we received all application forms and the deadline is finished, the Quartiermeister e.V. will decide in an open comittee, which projects are the ones that make it into the final online round. The online period takes between 2 - 6 weeks and after that the projects with the most votes get funded. 

If you have any further questions, just go ahead and contact us via: lisa@quartiermeist


If you run a project and need support, you can find all the relevant info here:

Your project qualifies for funding from us if...

  • it's local, i.e. it will have a postive impact on the neighbourhood.
  • it's social and committed to providing a benefit to society at large.
  • it enables others' social participation. 
  • it pursues integrative goals.
  • open to everyone.
  • it's sustainable and aims to achieve a lasting impact.

What we've supported so far:

Thanks to your help, we've already donated over €100,000 to various different projects. These projects covered a wide variety of areas, but they were all projects which we were certain helped and improved the communities in which they were based. If you'd like to know more about the projects we've supported in the past, please click here


Application Guidelines (german).pdf

Text examples (german).pdf