Funding application to the Quartiermeister e.V. in Munich

By submitting this form you apply for our projectfunding in Munich. Fill out this application fully and pay attention to the details inside the particular textboxes. Make sure you have a detailed, self written projectdescription (one DIN A4-page) ready to upload, as well as a photograph (landscape format, PNG/JPG) and the logo of your project. Please note: we can only consider complete applications so please do not leave any text box blank. We recommend you save your texts in a worddocument and then copy them into this form. We will send you an e-mail once we have received your application. For questions regarding the funding please turn to:
We will use this text for the online voting afterwards.
How much money do you need in total to implement the project?
What items or project costs do you want to spend the Quartiermeister funding on?
Please describe here: Are there other grants and fundings? Do you anticipate other income (entry fee, etc.)? If so, from whom and in what amount? Why does the Quartiermeister funding make a difference in the project? Is the project feasible without the commitment of other funders?
Quartiermeister e.V. collects & uses the data for our project selection, the subsequent voting process, and the distribution of our fundings. By providing your data you will not receive any unwanted information or advertisments from Quartiermeister. If you are interested in our funding activities in general, please subscribe to our project newsletter. The short text, long description, photo and logo of the project will be used to present your project to the public on Quartiermeisters homepage in case you have been selected by the e.V. for the public voting process. You can always revoke the storation and usage of your data via email.
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