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We fund, where our beer is drunk. Our projects show how impactful and diverse civic society can be.

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With our funding you can organize f.e. an event, pay the rent of your projectrooms or buy something new. Our fundingprocess is easy and understandable.

We are looking for social projects in Berlin.

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We are looking for social projects in Berlin Get the chance to recieve up to 2.000 € for your project. Deadline is 15th of July

We support social projects.

Apply for our funding or decide who profits.

We fund projects, that support social participation. That means, we support especially projects that pursue inclusive goals and are open for and easy accessable by diverse people. We support with the money, that is gained by Quartiermeister beer. Everybody can apply. Our volunteers sight your application and decide which projects will take part in our Onlinevoting. In our Onlinevoting everybody can decide, which project gets the biggest funding.

“The Quartiermeister Funding is easy and friendly. We like the idea of a Social Business, that distributes the profits to everybody, instead of filling private pockets."

Adrian de Souza Martins, nepia e.V.

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