Complete the application in full, paying attention to the information and notes in the respective upload and text fields. The fields with red asterisks are mandatory. Have the logo, at least one photo (PNG/JPG landscape format) and, if applicable, the sponsor’s exemption certificate (“Freistellungsbescheid”) ready for the upload. Please note: We can only accept fully completed online forms! We recommend that you save your texts in an Office document locally on your computer and then copy them into the form so that no data is lost in the event of any problems with the upload. We will send you a confirmation email once we have received your application.

If you have any questions about the form and funding, please contact:

1. Project details

e.g. €300 flyers & posters, €600 purchase of projector, €700 fee costs
e.g. 500€ entrance fee, 10000€ district funding, 1000€ private donations

2. Materials for the online voting

3. Applicant details

This is information about your organization / initiative, e.g. your general contact details and not your personal details.

4. Details of the contact person

Please enter the contact details of the person in your initiative/organization who should be contacted for inquiries about your application.

5. Address details of the contractual partner

Please enter the address details of the person/organization who will be the contractual partner for the neighbourhood promotion.

6. Bank details

Enter the account details to which the neighborhood funding should be sent.

7. Other information

The Quartiermeister Stiftung gUG collects and uses the data for project selection, the subsequent voting process and the distribution of funding. You will not receive any further information or advertising from Quartiermeister by providing your details. If you are generally interested in our funding activities, please subscribe to our project newsletter.The short text, long description, photo and logo of the project will be used for your project presentation on the Quartiermeister website if you are successful in the association's internal selection process. You can revoke the storage and use of this data at any time after successful or unsuccessful participation by e-mail.
Call up the complete privacy policy of Quartiermeister Stiftung gUG