Friends of Quartiermeister

Our friends from LEMONAID are producing organic, fairtrade lemonades and ice teas. With their sales social projects in the manufacturing countries are supported.

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Lack of access to water for everyone and sanitary basics are one of the biggest problems we face in the 21st century. To tackle these issues Viva con Agua supports waterprojects together with "Welthungerhilfe" to provide access to clean drinking water and sanitary basics in development countries. 



Premium is a beaverage brand without an office, existing since 11 years and tries to do things different than the "normal" economy. The project was initiated by Uwe Lübbermann and is guided by concensus principles of an internet collective. Uwe hil  t eine Getränkemarke ohne Büro, die seit über elf Jahren existiert und vieles bewusster regelt als die "normale" Wirtschaft. Das Projekt wurde von Uwe Lübbermann ins Leben gerufen und wird von einem Internet-Kollektiv nach dem Prinzip der Konsensdemokratie gesteuert und bis zum freien Premium-Betriebssystem entwickelt. Uwe assists us as expert for beaverages and degrowth until today - thank you! 



FluxFM is the best radio channel in the world and introduces our supported projects in their show "Stadt.Land.Flux.". Thank you for this great cooperation! 

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THC Franziskaner FC is a soccer union in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The union is an active participant against gentrification within the neighbourhood, as well as in other social, political and cultural grievances of society. Quartiermeister is sponsor of the most sympathetic union in Berlin - where the THC doesnt get money for but love, affection and beer.



The initiative Berlin gegen Nazis is a broad network of activist in the field against right-wing extremism and racism in Berlin. ist ein breites Netzwerk gegen Rechtsextremismus und Rassismus in Berlin. The initiative is supported by Berlin senate and many other associations. Quartiermeister coorperates since a few years with "Berlin gegen Nazis" at our booth at Biermeile.



The Magazine Couragiert publishes a magazine four times about topics all around civil involvement, civil courage and democratic action. Volunteers are meeting political actors. Our projects are part of the magazines content and our projects get the magazine in return.

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Via neighbours can conncet, get to know and support each other and through that strenghten the solidarity in the community.

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The most famous blog about Berlin Mit Vergnügen includes our Highlights and must-dos into their recommendations! 

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