DIY Rave Werkstatt

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The "DIY-Rave- Werkstatt" is a project of the Rave-Base e. V.. The aim is to establish rooms for the association with an open community workshop to give creative people space to try out and realize their own ideas. The focus of our association activities is in particular on the promotion of art, culture and Do it yourself (DIY) initiatives within the subcultural Tekno scene. The support of self-organized art without commercial interest and art as an end in itself (as well as the utilization and operation of creative free spaces) are particularly important to us. 
With the creation of an open DIY - workshop, the ecological and economical use of resources will be taken into account through the common use and acquisition of machines and rooms. In addition, a material store is to be created, where leftovers are to be processed and materials are to be reused, as well as a "Hackspace". Among other things, the construction of a 3D printer is planned. The educational aspect is to be given space with workshops, seminars, exhibitions and events by the association and its network partners.
As an open workshop, our project thus offers many creative and active people space to try things out and develop freely. Practically acting as a help for self-help, we create spaces for social activities, such as networking and mutual exchange. It offers low-cost and low-threshold access and is intended to include all interested people who want to temporarily implement their own projects in their free time or try it out for the first time. In addition, adults in sometimes difficult life situations should also experience participation and new positive perspectives. We see our direct connection with the party and rave culture as a positive prerequisite for reaching potential users and motivating them to take active action.