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Hi zusammen!

Die Förderrunden für Berlin sind in diesem Jahr leider schon vorbei. Wir informieren euch rechtzeitig, wann es 2024 wieder mit der Förderung losgeht und wieviel Geld zur Verfügung steht :)

Meldet euch für unseren Projektnewsletter an, um keine Ausschreibung und Förderrunde zu verpassen!

Unsere Förderung ermöglichen wir durch unseren Bierverkauf, denn jedes Bier spendet. Auf dieser Seite erfährst du alles rund um unsere Förderung in Berlin.

Quartiermeister e.V. Berlin




Currently, there is no voting on our website.


How we fund

Jaaaaay! Thanks to all the Landkörbler*innen ordering diligently and thereby donating to the Stay Social Club - Quartiermeister can finally fund projects again!

We fund two projects with 1.000€ each! Application deadline is June 1, 2021


Who we fund:
Non-profit recognized projects and associations from and around Berlin that are active in their immediate neighborhood. Since this time we are dealing with external donations, we cannot support loose collectives and private individuals (as usual) for tax reasons. The non-profit status must be proven by uploading the exemption certificate in the application.

How much we fund:
We fund the winning projects with €1,000 each. The money will be distributed in one sum and in accordance with a donation receipt.

How it's decided:
After the official end of the application period, the members of our association will review all applications we received and decide which four projects will be admitted to our online voting. This voting will take place from July 1st to July 30th. During this time, anyone can vote online to decide which two projects will receive the 1,000€.


For questions about the settlement process, contact

And when will your regular project funding continue?
Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, we are not able to give concrete application deadlines for our regular Quartiermeister funding for Berlin until the third quarter of 2021. In Berlin, we fund projects with 2,000€ each if they win the online vote. If the selection is successful, the money will be distributed in one sum and in accordance with a sponsorship contract with accompanying invoice. For this reason, initiatives that are not recognized as charitable, but which act in the public interest, can also apply.
We are eagerly awaiting this new beginning and ask for your patience!



Your project qualifies for our funding if it...
- is local, meaning it has its place of action on site.
- is social and works for social added value.
- enables others to participate in society. 
- pursues integrative goals.
- is accessible for many different people.
- is sustainable and aims to have a long-term impact.

You can apply online using our application form. Please make sure to have the following things ready to upload into the application form: a photo of your project, the logo, as well as a detailed project description (max. one DIN A4 page)

Click here for the funding application form! 

Any questions about the funding process? We are happy to answer them! Send an email to

Further information & completion aids for the application


sample text for project description (german).pdf

detailed funding guidelines (german).pdf